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The amazing race 3 Official Taiwan force detonated summer the hottest topic – variety entertainment Sohu "the amazing race 3" ending photo entertainment news September 16th by Sohu, Sohu and Shenzhen TV video joint investment, production and production of universal racing reality show "the amazing race" third quarter final in Rio ended [watch]. "The amazing race" with the design and production of sophisticated, harvest high popularity and reputation, since the third quarter since the online launch, will detonate the entire network communication, has become the hot topic of the summer variety.     self "race 3" the first phase of the program aired on July 8th, Kenneth Fok overnight explosion of red, praised the new Jin really non nouveau riche temperament, "national husband", while Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok’s "Hot pot combination" all the way "the sugar child dog, become" Honey couple ", with the tacit understanding won the championship. Is also the first variety show Liu Xiang, he Cosplay "hot eyes" sailor popular whole network, has become the new network red expression package; Liu Xiang retired after the first hurdle to Chinese, also moved to the audience, let a person to the position of the first Polish history Chinese athletes. Trenchant Venus and her husband Hans is also the first time fit to join a variety show, also become the focus of Venus, keep the tongue verse "high in the program". "The amazing race" as the 3 star global racing reality show, in the year of the Olympic Games launched a super team, 8 groups of star guests with screen frame, show with top star + Super variety in production, talent shows itself in the market competition. Let the audience not only have the opportunity to see the stars of extraordinary ability, also feel the stars insist on along the way, feel that they know each other, and the people around together, love, support and moving force. Such as "amazing understanding ekinkon" couples since four years, Liu Xiang to the scene to marry him Wu Sha’s new girlfriend, Venus and Hans’s first exposure romance, Vanness Wu and sister Melody’s brother and sister, and Jin Dachuan, Huang Tingting + Liu Chang + sun Rui (SNH48), Zhang Zhehan + Zhang Sifan etc. the total devotion. Not only is this topic "play", which coincides with the Olympic year also make itself with the competitive attributes of "the amazing race 3" extraordinary significance, full of positive energy have a strong impetus to the spirit of the Olympic games. The guests from Beijing, across four continents and three oceans, along the ten Olympic City, including Athens, Munich, Tokyo, Moscow, Barcelona, Rome, Losangeles, Atlanta, Mexico City, finally arrived in Brazil city of Rio De Janeiro 2016 Olympic games. Re take the road to the Olympic Games, to carry forward the Olympic spirit of competition, an exception to the two Olympic champions for the first time to join, Wu Minxia during the Olympic athletes to show the interaction with the Brazil Olympic Games, the show is the resonance of the greatest influence. Relying on "the amazing race" 3 overall planning, two creative production team in each program broadcast, to create a "speed" and "speed star PA class again", "speed: you did not" a series of "the amazing race" by the 3 derivative reality show experience shows, recording more behind the program decryption the content, not only will these derivative programs and "Amazing Race" for the audience to bring a more perspective program solution.相关的主题文章: