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"234 love you" send ultimate notice "234 agents in the game of love emotion love you" Final Trailer 234 "love you" "I love you" 234 stills stills "234 love you" stills Tencent entertainment news from the idol drama queen Ariel Lin and the male god art film starring Qin Hao, Jane Cai Shuzhen, Lin Hong, Zhou Hengyin portrait of joining the workplace romance movie "234 love you" will be released on September 23rd blockbuster. The film before the exposure of the character posters and pilot notice, will expect the audience to a climax, recently again exposed the ultimate trailer, the hero and heroine emotional conflict escalated once again, love, workplace crises, not let the audience for the film more curious. A game of love into the game’s ultimate difficult to withdraw notice issued, more of the plot and characters will be exposed, the main story also surfaced. Jane Peixun just graduated from University (Ariel Lin ornaments), as an actor in a small theater, embrace the showbiz dreams, and her boyfriend (played by Jian Honglin) and his life together. Her performances of Josephine, has been director of inwit, director of the reasons attributed to Pei’s emotional experience is not rich enough on smoking. Josephine is a rely on passion to fill their inner emptiness for this role, Jane Peixun is incomprehensible, or is incomprehensible to Jane Peixun eyes of me. She and Azeri feelings of lasting and stable, never betray this relationship. Until she received a special job, the embodiment of love agents, in order to let Li Yao (Qin Hao ornaments) to fall in love with her, Jane Peixun began a dangerous game of love, the result is real, it makes Pei smoked very remorse, think of himself as a "immoral" woman. As the notice said: "has always been the darling Jane Peixun woman, suddenly found the original himself had the desire for other men". Obviously do not know love, but desperately love. The feelings of the road resistance and long life, how if not met Li Yao, Jane Peixun may have an ordinary small and Azeri days of silence. She had been very resistant to the fact that he fell in love with Li Yao, so after the truth opened, there was a scene of three people in the trailer of a fierce dispute. The characters in the play, with their own way into love, interpretation of the city in the face of love when men and women of different attitudes. Ariel Lin and Qin Hao in the movie scenes is particularly exciting, two ambiguous free eyes, to me the pain body, burning jealousy, love rendering is very strong, across the screen for the hero "worried". All about love – heartbeat, hesitation, passion will appear in the film. But unlike small youth love movies, the film has a "light ripe" temperament, a person go to the society after the mature, gradually change the mentality, presented in front of the audience. The 234 film "love you" is directed by Zhang Weizhen, Ariel Lin, starring Qin Hao, Jian Honglin, Cai Shuzhen, Zhou Hengyin portrait of joining. Taiwan enterprises KBrO cineFinance produced by Limited by Share Ltd, Film Group Corp Chinese import, Chinese film Limited by Share Ltd issued in September 23rd, released nationwide. Since the introduction of the film since the introduction, has been concerned about the constant, love, loyalty and betrayal.相关的主题文章: