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23 year old guy WeChat said to uncle Dutch act two alarm – night Kuquan new net Wang advised Xu Chao WeChat screenshot "jumped it" and "can’t stand, or dead"…… The evening of November 12th, Mr. Wang, who is in Shaanxi, how can not sleep, WeChat 23 year old guy in Qionglai Xu Chao (a pseudonym), constantly expressing his death has been determined". This makes him nervous and worried, he kept by WeChat to persuade information, while two to the police in Sichuan, little hope can give up the idea of suicide. In fact, two people do not know, just by a post accidentally met, and even do not know his name." Mr. Wang said. The guy wanted to commit suicide the night he besought 6 hours two alarm at the age of 40, Mr. Wang lives in Shaanxi, he and Xu Chao had not met. A few days ago, Mr. Wang posted a post in the post of friends, and then with the net name as his tears flowing Xu Chao became a friend of WeChat. Shortly after the exchange, Xu Chao suddenly showed the idea of suicide. In exchange, "said Xu Chao has suffered too much to die", "jumping"…… Xu Chao said that his life is not good, no love and career, has been unable to adhere to the". In the face of Xu Chao to commit suicide news, Mr. Wang has always been difficult to sleep, and the ongoing dialogue with Xu Chao, his analysis of the reality of the situation, while holding a variety of examples to make him give up the idea of suicide, starting from the evening of the same day, lasted more than 6 hours. Period, Mr. Wang also two times to the Sichuan police for help. 12 evening, Mr. Wang for the first time to the Chengdu police alarm, but because I do not know the specific information of Xu Chao, the police also difficult to deal with, and it is recommended that the specific address and other information to call again. Subsequently, Mr. Wang learned from the interview that Xu Chao’s home address is located in the town of Qionglai folder, and conducted a second alarm. Chengdu 110 command center will be transferred to the local police Qionglai police. We went to his house and found that the situation is basically consistent with mr.." Clip off the police station, through the scene, Xu Chao is not at home, his family’s economic situation is not ideal, only his mother at home, his father working outside. Guy: Thank you very much for his comfort, will try to adjust yesterday, the reporter through the efforts, and Xu Chao made contact. He told reporters that he is currently in Chengdu, family conditions are not good, a few years of work has always been uncomfortable, coupled with physical illness, began to sprout. "No ability, tired heart." He said, his 17 year old began to work out, but it is always a hit, "into the factory, apprenticed, but has very high heart, never save money, then the training of software development, software development, and to do when deceived MLM, after staying at home for a time to go to work while self college, but has been ill take medicine is not good." For their stick in the seclusion idea, in fact, want to find a place to adjust their mentality. "Thank you very much for his words of comfort, these days I think a lot, will try to adjust their state." Xu Chao said. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Du Yuquan相关的主题文章: