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In 2024 Chinese or into the world’s only space station – Liaoning Channel – people.com.cn original title: 2024 China or space station has become the only national Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group Chairman Lei Fanpei the 60 anniversary of the creation in the aerospace industry as China said, Chinese plan after the 2018 launch of the space station core test class, after the 2022 launch of 20 tons the combination of the space station cabin level. By the time the International Space Station retires in 2024, China may be the only country in the world with a space station. Lei Fanpei said that China has decided to build a space station program. The space station consists of a core module and two experimental modules, and there are many rendezvous and docking interfaces. Before and after 2018, the space station will test the core module from the long march five launch vehicle into orbit. After 2022, China will develop and launch the basic modules for the 20 ton space station cabin combination. Since then, the space station every year with manned spacecraft, cargo spacecraft docking several times supply, in the 400 km orbit height to maintain the design life of ten years of operation. By then, China will become the country after Russia, a country alone to complete the construction of the space station, astronauts stay in the space station for more than one year. Deputy director of the manned space engineering office China Yang Liwei once said in an interview, China set aside a lot of space station and future world cooperation platform in space station development, China is willing to take a more open attitude in the project design, equipment development and application space, astronaut training, and other aspects of joint flight to expand exchanges and cooperation. In 1992, China established the development strategy of "three steps" of manned space engineering. The first step for the manned spacecraft phase, the second step for the space laboratory stage, the third step for the space station stage, that is, the establishment of short-term space in the autonomous flight, long-term care of large space station. In September 15th this year, the space laboratory "the first real sense of our Temple No. two" was successfully launched, opened the second step second stage China manned space engineering curtain, this will be the construction of space stations in China before the last comprehensive verification technology. According to the plan, in mid October, 2 astronauts will be aboard the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft in the orbit 393 kilometers above the ground with "Tiangong two" docking, complete 30 days of the mid to reside, breakthrough and master of regenerative life support key technologies such as the space station to carry out a space for the application of the scale. China’s future space station construction and operation experience, to lay the foundation. (soup: dragon, commissioning editor Xiao Yuan)相关的主题文章: