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In 2016 the world sports dance festival ended in Chengdu won the 2016 world famous sports sports dance dance festival in Dujiangyan last night (micro-blog) dragon stadium ended. In 3 days, WDSF World Championships, WDSF Latin dance world championship and the seventh session of Chengdu international open Chinese sports dance colorful, from around 50 countries and regions, nearly two thousand dancers gathered to the city and the world presented a sports dance feast. It is worth mentioning that, at the opening ceremony, the World Sports Dance Association (WDSF) officially awarded the "world sports dance in Chengdu city" title, WDSF chairman Lucas · Snyder; Chengdu City Award, Chengdu became the world’s first and only award of the city. Show Yan dance contests as one of the master value of the world sports dance festival climax, the evening of 23 held in Dujiangyan City, South Plaza Dujiangyan night Carnival Party, hundreds of players from the world’s top dance costumes staged a red carpet show, attracted a large number of sports dance enthusiasts, local residents and visitors. Since last year, the world sports dance competition to Dujiangyan since the party has become a highlight of the carnival activities. The high value of the yen top dancers dressed appearance, the dance festival is comparable to the star studded International Film Festival, the scene is very spectacular. Each of the players in the much anticipated debut, boys and girls and the people of Chengdu feel passionate interaction "red carpet, people here are too warm, very happy!" Players from France say. However, compared to walking the red carpet, their yen value in the arena really shows the most incisive. This year’s Sports Dance Festival also held the world championships, WDSF WDSF Latin dance dance (Latin dance world championship and the seventh Chinese Standard Dance) Chengdu sports dance international open 3 contest, of which the first two is the highest level of the world’s top events. The world dance championship has landed in Chengdu is third years, is to unite the strong cultural and artistic appeal of the "classic", and the first to enter the Asian Latin dance Tournament Championship from 50 countries and regions, currently the world’s top ten master to 7 of the players, the two game is WDSF the largest and most influential flagship events. Since the start, the Dragon stadium tickets from Chengdu, and the lovers live enjoy the beautiful visual experience. In the field on behalf of the world’s highest level of dance contest, from Moldova’s brother Fredo and Matas won the world championship of Latin dance. It is worth mentioning that they had won the second place in the Latin dance Grand Prix in Chengdu. From December to the present, they have all the titles in all 12 WDSF games. "We love Chengdu, here is our paradise!" Said Gofredo excitedly. President WDSF praised the Chengdu "big" "I am very honored to attend this world sports dance festival. I do not have much opportunity to visit, the Chengdu is very important. Because Chengdu has our most important event, I must come." WDSF’s new president Lucas in an interview said Snyder ·相关的主题文章: