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2016 China "game ten" selection start today — people.com.cn game original title: 2016 Chinese "game ten award start today in December 2016, the game industry in the thirteenth China cadenza game industry annual meeting will be staged. At the same time, by the State Press and publication administration director China, sponsored by the association of audiovisual and digital publishing, China voice association game Committee hosted, with ninth art Fengshenbang Title Chinese "game ten" festival will also debut the same period. As a representative of the Chinese game industry, influence, credibility of the highest honor, 2016 China’s top game, the results will be announced at the scene on the spot. Starting today, the members of the unit, the game companies can submit the application materials, participate in the 2016 annual China game top ten selection. (reporting time: September 1, 2016 -2016 September 30th) this year’s selection includes client games, web games, mobile games, gaming game, VR AR games, game companies, game game platform, business leaders and other awards. Submitted by the enterprise and individuals to declare the material after the completion of the primaries, the game player based public online voting for the election, on the basis of the final award winners generated by practitioners voting. Chinese "game ten award ceremony known as the ninth art award recognizes the gods, the annual game industry China emerging entrepreneurs, outstanding contributions outstanding enterprises, all kinds of game masterpieces. The ceremony unprecedented, state management departments, industry associations, leading enterprises and other games on behalf of a gathering of many people witnessed brilliant moments of glory, Ninth gods of the art exhibition. In addition, Chinese "game ten award ceremony will be a variety of ways through various media, including TV, network video, mobile phone video, newspapers, websites, WeChat, micro-blog, widely spread, let more people know China industry is accelerating the development of the game industry. The 2016 annual "game of ten award categories and names need to submit the above information evaluation, information content deadline: November 15, 2016 can use U disk or CD-ROM, express to: Beijing city Xicheng District Xizhimen Street No. 18 Jinmao building block A room 2215 also can use compressed electronic file format, note" * * * Games ten "Declaration", sent to the mailbox. Contact: Zheng Nan Tel: 010-57432152 13661273733 email: 51440783@qq address: declaration (commissioning editor Shen Guangqian and Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: