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"2" grievances next September shooting Washington & Fuqua "grievances" double return shooting of Anthony Fuqua and Denzel · · Washington time according to the network reported on September 23, 2016 Anthony · directed by Fuqua, Denzel Washington, Chris · · parattah starred in "the magnificent seven" in September 23rd officially opened the painting in North America. The creative are also busy in the film ran publicity. And producer Todd · Black in an interview with the media, also discovered a new material that Fuqua and Washington cooperation "grievances" sequel "grievances 2" plan to start shooting in September next year. Following Washington’s first career debut, Fuqua also confirmed that the return, the two will work together again. 2014 "grievances" after the release, with a $55 million investment from 200 million Sony Corp worldwide box office, then in the sequel. "2" grievances had been scheduled for release in September 29, 2017, but according to Todd · Black said, the film will be released in September next year, because the "deferred grievances 2" to start shooting. Black said: "2 people" the script has been completed, "we plan to start (next year) after labor day, also see Denzel’s schedule, perhaps the labor day before shooting. In a word, "2" grievances will begin filming in September, then look at a project schedule of our cooperation with Denzel before, perhaps earlier. We should do more work, we also find in his opponent’s cast." Subsequently, Black confirmed that Anthony ·’s return; Fukui news, and said before the screenwriter Richard · it is also "Wenk grievances 2" script writer. Black also said in an interview, using the IMAX format shooting "the magnificent seven" so that the director Anthony · Fuqua was not very adaptable. But in the "2" grievances, Fuqua will still be a breakthrough, try the new film form. Although it can not disclose details at the moment, but it will definitely cool to your incredible."相关的主题文章: