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"2" couple duet Huangmei Opera turned out to be such a Panda Xiong – Panda Xiong and   entertainment Sohu; imitation researchers Sohu entertainment new imitation variety show "the hidden singer" the second season this Sunday late 19:30 Shanghai entertainment channel, Beijing arts channel, Guangzhou channel, 21:30 Shenzhen City Channel Four broadcast, and at the same time in Chongqing Hangzhou West Lake pearl fashion channel, channel, Jiangsu arts channel, Shaanxi life channel, Hebei TV channel, Fujian city channel, Henan TV channel, Wuhan sports channel, Shandong channel, Sichuan channel and other women living in more than a dozen ground channel broadcast simultaneously. Eighth to go to the original singer is the strength of the school to create a singer – Panda Xiong. Show show Panda Xiong young album publicity photos, Togata Toshiro, led the audience exclaimed! But after too much pressure, Panda Xiong explained on the treatment of insomnia, cause body fat. Now the weight loss success, share weight loss tips, which actually have more Huangmei, and his wife live generous performance Huangmei Opera, Huangmei amused the subversion version, idol image gone for ever! Small meat period photos cited marvel Panda Xiong explanation for drug causes of body fat to the third round of competition play a song, "love Danube" songs on the album promotional photos appeared, the audience is one of the bright eyes. Guess the jury and Mickey Huang exclaimed: "Wow, this is who ah! Nice and pure, this pointed chin…… It is like a small meat." The same for the present teacher Panda Xiong shape, guess the group is also boldly questioned: "now is how, when can go back to that time?" Panda Xiong teacher humorously replied: "fast, fast, the next phase." Scene immediately triggered a laugh. For the past and present, Mickey Huang said: "for a long time Panda Xiong teacher is really fat." Mr. Panda Xiong also honestly corrected: "not, is very." So the upright Panda Xiong teacher, and the site attracted a burst of laughter. The reason for body fat, his teacher Panda Xiong boldly claimed, because their compressive strength is too weak, with Mr Panda Xiong’s own words: "psychological pressure" babies "like" night, often can’t sleep, we can only rely on drugs to help them sleep, but those drugs have some hormones at that time, do not understand the knowledge of medicine, just take medicine, the final stimulation affects the body, leading to fat. Also because of a sudden fat, for a period of time because of the separation of the wife and the couple for a few months, to the airport to pick up his wife, his wife had to pass, did not recognize! Panda Xiong and his wife live duet of Huangmei Opera idol burden this program no, Mr. Panda Xiong’s wife — Yang Yang as guess jury guests came to the scene, with two singers, Panda Xiong teacher in ways to lose weight, but also the full sense of art. In the method of weight loss about Panda Xiong teacher, Panda Xiong teacher said: "because of being scared by liposuction, and then began to lose weight, began jogging, walking, swimming, and huangmei." Speaking of this, Panda Xiong also put up a posture. But the guess is big!相关的主题文章: