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10 times the profit of breeding sublet " rub Xiaozu " the paraselene rent only 100 yuan – Beijing newspaper reporter Intern Huang Zixuan Geng Connaught a dormitory beds, each month the most expensive to more expensive? Reporters learned yesterday from the municipal development and Reform Commission, in 2016 the highest standards of new student apartments should not exceed 1200 yuan, if the summer and winter vacation, which means a school bed, only need $100 per month. As compared to the market rent and the gap is too large, this is the nature of the welfare of the student dormitory but there is a phenomenon of sublet. Low school accommodation, food and beverage costs also breed a lot of rub school". 100 yuan per month or new quarters of city development and Reform Commission public information display, in 2016 the new student apartments charges: unit apartment per student per academic year is not more than 1200 yuan, non unit apartment per student per academic year is not more than 900 yuan. The unit apartment including Beijing Institute of Technology (Liangxiang campus) 6 apartment building D, Tsinghua University south campus student apartment building 6, No. 6 East Campus of Beijing Jiaotong University and the Beijing Jiaotong University apartment tower 10 (15-17), non unit apartment includes Peking University 28 floor, 32 floor, 35 floor, No. 12 South campus of Tsinghua University student apartment Tsinghua University student apartment building, No. 20 South Building, Shahe campus of University of Science and Technology Beijing student apartment, Beijing Polytechnic College and the Beijing Information Technology College student apartment towers east campus student apartments (4-13 layer). According to tips, these are only part of the new dormitory put into use this year. It is understood that the school should fill in "Beijing area school student accommodation standards for approval", approved by the City Board of education to the competent departments of price filing fees, to the student finance department printed issued financial instruments. Charge income management in accordance with the relevant provisions of the financial sector. Municipal Development and Reform Commission to remind students that the student apartment accommodation fees shall be charged by the school year, the school year may not cross receipts. Schools should be in accordance with the provisions of the education fees publicity system, do a good job of publicity fees. A few thousand dollars a year to earn a lot of reporters on the side of the college students found that not only the low cost of these new quarters, some of the cost of the old dormitory is not high. It is surprising that such a low price dormitory has become a bargaining chip for some students to earn a profit of several thousand dollars a year through the sublease. Yesterday, the reporter in the city of 58 and other sites to search student dormitory rental, there was a China University of Political Science and Law dormitory dormitory information. The house said that the Graduate School beds are beds, only willing to rent to students or other students’ identity. Additional conditions are also very attractive: not only provide my school meal card, can be used in other kinds of school things can also be lent to renters. How much is the rent? It is understood that the dormitory beds fee is 900 yuan per year, and the lessor out of the price is 800 yuan per month, equivalent to 9600 yuan a year. This hand, a nianguang leased beds, lessor.相关的主题文章: