14Do you do these 5 things, it will make a child very happy! Sohu -|Do you do these 5 things, it will make a child very happy! Sohu -4

Do you do these 5 things, it will make a child very happy! Sohu maternal and child happiness is what? Some people have done such a survey activities, received the most answer is that the family live happily together. Indeed, a lot of positive psychological studies have shown that a more harmonious family relationship can make us feel happier than we earn more money and make more achievements. When your heart is in your time with their children, when one family happy together to do one thing, there is real happiness. For children, even more so. The children (especially before age 3) eyes, is the whole world — they have little contact with the outside world, their heart is so simple, very simple in their pursuit of. For them, the greatest happiness, than the love of their parents, rather than their parents to accompany the heart, rather than the whole family happy together. Many people treat their children as an important but not urgent matter, although it is important, but not to be dealt with immediately. Thus, the urgent work, social emergencies to accompany the child’s time to squeeze out. You may say, I know the importance of accompanying the child, but the work is so busy, so many things, where there is so much time with the children? However, the child’s parents need time is life in the first few years, he grew up and began to independent — if not when he was young enough to establish a sense of security and happiness, his independence may appear such problems, and their distance will become the farther. By that time, you will regret that it is a very important and urgent thing to accompany a child and give the child a sense of happiness. There is actually very simple, do not need you every minute waiting in the child, as long as the children as a must do, every day for a fixed period of time, heart and children together. For example, the following five things will let the children feel happy: 1, and the family together to eat one family together to eat, this is an old tradition of our nation, is a harmonious family relations performance, is also a good way to enhance parent-child relationship. When we grow up, far away from home, can not often see mom and Dad, but will still remember the family together to eat a warm scene, because there is the flow of love. When we insist on doing one thing together according to the plan, it will become a ritual. The advantage of holding on to a ritual is to let it go deep into your heart and make it last. Not only that, the child’s appetite has increased oh. 2 and the children to sleep together to accompany the child to sleep together, the biggest advantage is to give them a sense of security, because he opened his eyes to see familiar faces, get parents meticulous attention. When a child knows he can depend on his parents, he can grow up in true love. 3 reading with your child you can hold the child in front of the chest, in the warm reading

86All of the things we know about iPhone 7 are all here! – Sohu|All of the things we know about iPhone 7 are all here! – Sohu4

All of the things we know about iPhone 7 are all here! – the most exciting event of the year of the Sohu science and technology circle. In Beijing last night, Apple released the autumn conference invitation: I was shocked to see just one invitation: compared with the previous, this session invitation information is simply too great! From the material composition, color and shape to text selection, seemed to me in expressing what can scarcely wait! After reading this invitation, I feel iPhone 7 has been in his hands! Today, let yourself through the browser to participate in the more than and 10 Apple conference I, to give you the strength of the solution (y) read (y) this invitation. First of all, this pile of photosphere is what? Photography knows, this is the virtual effect of professional camera, called Bokeh! The larger the aperture, the more serious the defocus. IPhone 6S is now the aperture of the f 2.2, according to the meaning of the invitation, the aperture must be even larger, how also have f 2.4, right? Wait, what do you say, the smaller the aperture value, the greater the aperture? Do you think I look like I care? I also found that the picture ball distribution is mystery. For example, you see the middle two white parallel light. This is clearly telling us that iPhone 7 must have two cameras! This was echoed in the past half a year since we from Zhongguancun, Huaqiang North, Jimmy Lin and WeChat various number of public articles there to see all kinds of "machine model". I want to say, apple propaganda double lens in the invitation, or relatively low-key, with the two ball, very obscure, see you is playing these film master idea, has good taste, a rowing. In contrast, some domestic manufacturers always want to make a big news, but is the force out. What else is there to say? In fact, at a distance the invitation, will find all the light to form a Logo shape, this apple let the top left of the lone black ball seemed a bit embarrassed. What does it stand for? What does it mean to stay in that corner? This is all that needs to be read! Every detail can not be put! After all, our "technology circle" throughout the year, no more than the anti Apple conference more interesting things…… I guess apple to through the photosphere to promote iPhone 7 low light camera function, even the dark details, don’t let go, even if the film is not clear, but also to show an outline for you with blur and noise. In short, it is necessary to create a comparable SLR camera effect, to teach those who make friends business man. The invitation itself the light, color is also very informative. The bright photosphere has purple, red, blue and other colors Tiffany ", they are not just the color! For apple, there is no casual color! What does that mean? Let me think…… Then I thought, apple CEO Cook.