[美国航空空姐爆料]_美国航空空姐爆料 性感新制服竟令3000多名员工患病[American airlines airline stewardess broke]_ American airlines airline stewardess broke the sexy new uniforms have to more than 3000 employees-武汉最牛毕业照

美国航空空姐爆料 性感新制服竟令3000多名员工患病

美国航空空姐爆料 性感新制服竟令3000多名员工患病

美国航空空姐爆料 性感新制服竟令3000多名员工患病

【美国航空空姐爆料 性感新制服竟令3000多名员工患病】美国航空一名20岁空姐近月在网上炮轰公司去年推出的“性感”新制服有毒,令她每次上班都感到不适,换新制服后甚至令她患上“多重化学品过敏症” 。更甚的是,不只这位年轻空姐批评新制服,许多机舱服务员和机师都指穿新制服影响他们的健康。

American Airlines stewardess broke the sexy new uniforms, so that more than 3000 employees sick

American Airlines stewardess broke the sexy new uniforms, so that more than 3000 employees sick

[American airlines airline stewardess broke the sexy new uniforms have to more than 3000 employees] in a 20 year old American airlines airline stewardess shelling in recent months online company last year launched the "sexy" new uniforms to work are poisonous, she felt unwell every time, even after the new uniforms so that she was suffering from multiple chemical allergies". What is more, not only the young critic of the new airline stewardess uniforms, cabin attendant and many pilots are wearing new uniforms affect their health.相关的主题文章:

[孙艺洲机场怼狗仔]_孙艺洲在机场怼记者了?一向耿直的他还怼过剧组和真人秀![sun Yizhou million]_ airport at the airport. Yizhou sun paparazzi reporter He also had always upright. The crew and the reality show!-辽宁舰返青岛军港



换位思考下,如果我们出门也老有人跟着拍拍拍,我们也会觉得烦吧? 和成名作《爱情公寓》中玩世不恭的花花公子“吕子乔”不一样,生活中的孙艺洲向来低调,不炒作零绯闻,不抽烟不喝酒不逛夜店,每天准时睡觉,除了演戏就是健身或者看看书看看电影,简直可以称得上是娱乐圈的乖宝宝了!
而且在感情方面,孙艺洲也是一枚24k纯暖男! 2012年,《爱情公寓3》在全国范围内大火后,孙艺洲的知名度也随之水涨船高。也就在这一年,孙艺洲在做客《非常静距离》时,首次公开已婚身份!
孙艺洲的老婆曹晓雯是他的好友同时也是大学同学,“大学毕业以后就结婚了,妻子是我的大学同学。可能是性格使然,我们的爱情也是比较细水长流型的。” 曹晓雯也是个演员,在《黛玉传》中饰晴雯,是个非常有气质的美女哦~
曹晓雯对他的事业也非常支持,在拍戏间隙经常去剧组探班,煲汤给丈夫喝。 孙艺洲的老婆主要工作是教书,所以她的作品不是很多。虽然老公孙艺洲出名了,但是曹晓雯还是没有依靠丈夫的名气来提升自己。而孙艺洲对老婆和家人也是无比的宠爱。
其实,在两人刚毕业那会,孙艺洲接不到什么剧,性格内敛的孙艺洲心情十分苦闷,甚至一度有抑郁的症状。但是曹晓雯一直陪在孙艺洲身边,鼓励他开解他。 后来,孙艺洲终于凭借着《爱情公寓》火了,在自己事业的上升期,选择公布家庭和妻子,也体现了孙艺洲作为男人的担当和责任。
燃鹅,《爱情公寓》给了孙艺洲名和利,却又让他被禁锢在了“吕子乔”这个角色的阴影中。 2012年,孙艺洲跟卓文萱一起合作了偶像剧《爱情是从告白开始的》,虽然他在里面是个长相英俊,为人低调且成绩优异的富家子,但是怎么看都还是吕子乔啊!
不过,再怎么惊艳的何侠也没能躲过口型对不上的尴尬…… 氮素宝宝们别以为孙艺洲也是数字先生哦,这个锅他不背~ 有网友截图称,花絮中原本何侠的台词为,“因为你是楚北捷的子民,这是你最大的错”,正式播出时却被改成了“因为这是乱世”。
有网友评论称:“你终于还是憋不住了。” 是的,我们的子乔君一直是个耿直的boy! 在真人秀大热的那一年,大家都在纠结真人秀到底有没有剧本时,他在微博发了长文,一语道破天机!
能这么干脆点出真人秀背后玄机的,估计也就我们耿直的子乔君了吧!所以,他在机场怼跟拍的狗仔,也是真性情的表现!   Sun Yizhou at the airport the other reporters? He also had always upright. The crew and the reality show!   There is a brush on the news hot search yesterday, Sun Yizhou was paparazzi shot at Shanghai airport, very angry after the discovery, on the fingers of paparazzi rancour him: "how do you so tired!" In the picture, sun is dressed very casually and low-key, but he is unhappy. Empathy, if we go out, there are always people patted, and we will also feel bored? And the famous "love apartment" in the "cynical dandy ziqiao" is not the same, in the life of Sun Yizhou has always been low-key, not zero speculation scandal, do not smoke do not drink do not go to nightclubs, go to bed on time every day, in addition to acting is fitness or reading a book to see the film, simply can be regarded as the entertainment of the baby! Moreover, in terms of emotion, Sun Yizhou is also a 24K pure warm man! In 2012, "love apartment 3" in the nationwide fire after the sun’s fame has also risen. It was also this year that Sun Yizhou was first publicly married when he was visiting "very quiet distance"! Sun Yizhou’s wife, Cao Xiaowen, was a good friend and a college student. "He got married after he graduated from college, and his wife was my college classmate.". May be the personality, our love is relatively steady type." Cao Xiaowen is also an actor in "biography" in the decoration, Daiyu Qingwen, is a very graceful beauty Oh ~ Cao Xiaowen is also very supportive of his career, in the filming gap often go to the set crew, soup for her husband drink. Sun Yizhou’s wife’s main job is teaching, so her work is not many. Although her husband was famous, Cao Xiaowen still didn’t rely on her husband’s fame to promote herself. Sun Yizhou is also a great favor to his wife and family. In fact, in two people just graduated that meeting, Sun Yizhou can not get any drama, introverted personality of the sun, the mood is very depressed, and even once have symptoms of depression. But Cao Xiaowen stayed beside Sun Yizhou, encouraged him to talk to him. Later, sun and finally rely on the "love apartments" fire, in the rise of his career, the choice of family and wife, but also reflects the Sun Yizhou as a man to play and responsibilities. In May this year, the paparazzi exposed sun’s daughter, that is, at this time, users only found that the original sun is so big daughter ~! For his daughter’s first exposure, Sun Yizhou also admitted generously, and sent micro-blog said: "simple happiness, please do not disturb her."." The burning goose, the love apartment, gave sun, sun and fame, but he was imprisoned in the shadow of "the son of Joe.". In 2012, sun Yizhou with Genie Zhuo together idol drama "love is start from the confession", although he is a handsome looking inside, low-key and outstanding rich family, but what are Lv Ziqiao ah! Take a look at him, his mind always has this picture surfaced However, sun Yizhou acting is really good, "2014" in step by step by surprise "Kang Secretary Han" in this corner, let him get the National Opera Festival "the most promising actor" award. Especially at the beginning of this year released the "reward" is not alone, Sun Yizhou played two men in contrast to He Xia, starring matting, sun Yizhou users evaluate the performance is called stunning! However, no wonder He Xia could not escape the embarrassment of his mouth shape…… Don’t think Sun Yizhou is digital, sir. Oh, he doesn’t carry the pot back! Netizens screenshots said, "the original actor Ho’s lines," because you are Chu’s people, this is your biggest mistake, the official broadcast was changed to "because this is troubled times."". See the netizen speaks for itself, sun Yizhou simply forwarding micro-blog, said the voice changed word, forced the actor does not work hard to direct the crew! Some netizens commented: "you finally can not hold back."." Yes, our son Qiao Jun was a blunt boy! In the year of the reality show hot, everyone in the tangled reality show in the end there is no script, he made a long article in micro-blog, gave away the secret! This can simply point out the mystery behind the reality show, we also estimated Tzu Joe Jun! So, the other at the airport he shot with the paparazzi, is the true nature of performance!


[杨幂被赶出机场]_杨幂被保安赶出机场只因人气太旺 Yang Mi was kicked out of]_ Yang Mi was out of the airport airport security because of popular-广州卖卵黑市








Yang Mi was driven out of the airport by the security guard, and the picture was embarrassing! Recently, Yang Mi appeared in the airport, because the driver did not arrive at the scene, close against the wall, no expression in the side with, leaning against the wall, arouses pity! However, Yang Mi bursting with popularity, more and more fans around her, the next thing to do?

Yang Mi was out of the airport security news quickly on the hot search, users know the truth are not very clear what happened, but a star that actually will be out of the airport, how is this going? Yang Mi appeared in an airport, because the driver failed to arrived on time, Yang Mi can only wait at the side, around her more and more fans.

Finally, more and more onlookers, attracted the attention of the airport security personnel, security personnel in the picture asked Yang Mi to leave the scene, do not cause chaos in the airport!

Yang Mi assistant has been calling for help, called the car to pick up, but the security brother seems to have been a little impatient, yelling at Yang Mi, Yang Mi face embarrassment, heart grievances, across the screen can feel awkward!

Assistant Yang Mi aside to the side of the phone to actively communicate! Yang Mi whole complexion very ugly, although wearing sunglasses, it is difficult to state of mind, already flushed, do not know there is no tears, face is white assistant!


[给重病女儿挖坟]_给重病女儿挖坟 网友感慨此时此刻他的父亲一定心如刀绞 [to ill daughter]_ to become ill daughter become friends with emotion at the moment of his father torn with grief-女游客被打案一审

给重病女儿挖坟 网友感慨:此时此刻他的父亲一定心如刀绞


  张芯蕾,今年2岁半。出生2个多月就被查出患有先天性重度地中海贫血,每月都要靠输血液来维持生命。由于抵抗力差,经常感冒引起肺炎,每次住院就是一两个星期。 由于生病,很多小朋友都不和芯蕾玩。她经常一个人自言自语的抱着小狗、小鸭讲话;或者一个人在邻居家的沙堆上玩,父亲有时候也带她去田边玩网鱼。 芯蕾父亲张立勇是当地镇上玻璃厂的一名工人。每月有2500元左右的收入。两年来给芯蕾治病已经花掉14万左右,夫妻俩在工厂打工的全部积蓄也早已用完,现在已无钱继续治疗,借无可借。无奈之下,张利勇在一块自留地内为女儿挖了一个“坟墓”,带着女儿躺入其中,并陪女儿坟中玩耍。希望女儿提前适应冰冷的“坟墓”, 到最后一刻没那么恐惧死亡。 To become friends with emotion: ill daughter at the moment his father torn with grief   Sichuan, Neijiang, 2 and a half girl Zhang Xinlei suffering from congenital Mediterranean severe anemia. Father said that the family spent all the savings can not borrow, but the daughter dug in advance to the tomb, and to accompany her daughter to play in the grave, said it is early adaptation. Zhang Xinlei, 2 and a half years old. More than 2 months of birth have been diagnosed with congenital severe thalassemia, each month to rely on blood transfusion to maintain life. Because of poor resistance, colds often cause pneumonia, which is one or two weeks in a hospital. As a result of illness, many children do not play with bud. She is often a person holding a dog, the duckling automatic speaking speech; or a person in the neighborhood of the sand on the play, my father would sometimes take her to the edge of the field to play the net. Father Zhang Liyong is a worker in a glass factory in the local town. Monthly income of about 2500 yuan. Over the past two years, the treatment of core bud has spent about 140 thousand, both husband and wife in the factory all the savings have been used up, and now no money to continue treatment, borrow no borrow. In desperation, Zhang Liyong in a private plots in digging a grave for his daughter, with her daughter lying in the grave and accompany her to play. I hope my daughter will adapt to the cold grave in advance, and I won’t be so scared to death at the last moment.


[宋慧乔公开近况]_宋慧乔曝婚讯五天后首晒照 甜笑公开近况 [Song Hye Kyo Song Hye Kyo]_ in public exposure five days after the first marriage of sun shine sweet smile in public-女干部撑伞嚼槟榔

宋慧乔曝婚讯五天后首晒照 甜笑公开近况

宋仲基和宋慧乔将于10月31日结婚,《太阳的后裔》成了定情作,虽然多次被拍到秘密约会,但两人始终没有对外承认,直到5日才无预警宣布婚讯,震撼大批粉丝。闪电公开婚讯5天后,“宋太太”宋慧乔10日首度在IG发文,甜笑公开近况,吸引大批粉丝底下留言献祝福。 “宋宋CP”突然宣度婚讯后,“准新郎”宋仲基7日出席电影《军舰岛》活动,被主持人亏“气色比任何时候看起来都好,发生什么事吗?”,他则笑回“很紧张”并用手搧风,傻笑避谈婚事,脸上却是藏不住的幸福。

而“未婚妻”宋慧乔也在婚讯公开5天后,首度IG上发文,晒出与友人的合照,照片中的她穿着白T配牛仔短裤,戴着草帽对着镜头露出甜美微笑,洋溢着幸福的氛围。近况公开后,短短2个小时就三十多万个按赞数,许多粉丝留言献祝福说“要幸福喔”、“结婚快乐”、“永远支持你”,也有网友看出拍摄地点是在东京,询问她是以前拍的吗? 自从宋宋CP成真后,许多节目纷纷为此开设专题单元,揭露两人恋爱的过程,近日有南韩记者上节目透露,多次和男艺人交往的宋慧乔,其实不愿意再谈圈内恋情,但宋仲基不断用行动证明自己的真心,霸气说道:“我要和你结婚,我想娶你!”直接表达要结婚的意愿,才终于打动女方的心。 Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will be married in October 31st, "the sun descended" into tokens of love for, although repeatedly photographed secretly dating, but two people never admit that, until 5 days before without warning announced marriage shocked legions of fans. Lightning open marriage hearing 5 days later, "Song wife" Song Hye Kyo 10 for the first time in IG issued a document, sweet smile public situation, attract a large number of fans under the message, offer blessings. "Song song CP" suddenly announced the marriage hearing, the "quasi groom" Song Zhongji 7, attended the movie "warship island" activities, the host loss, looks better than any time, what happened?" He smiled back, "very nervous" by hand and fanned herself, smirking face is talking about marriage, can not hide the happiness. The fiancee Song Hye Kyo in marriage hearing open 5 days, for the first time on the IG document, drying out with friends of the photo, the photo of her wearing white T with denim shorts, wearing a straw hat in front of the camera exposed sweet smile, filled with a happy atmosphere. The status of public after just 2 hours on the about three hundred thousand according to the number of praise, many fans message offer blessings said "happiness" and "happy marriage", "forever support you", also the netizen that was filmed in Tokyo, asked if she was shot before? Since the Song Dynasty Song CP comes true, many programs have to set up special units, exposing the process of two people in love, South Korea recently reporter on the show revealed that many male artist exchanges and Song Hye Kyo, really do not want to talk about the circle of love song, but Nakamoto constantly use action to prove his sincerity, domineering said: "I want to marry you, I want to marry you!" Direct expression of the will to marry, finally moved the woman’s heart.相关的主题文章: