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At the age of 37 to do a variety of public bus long spread love love Mancheng – Beijing, Beijing, September 13 Zhengzhou Xinhua (reporter door jiedan) Zhengzhou 37 bus long Zheng Jingjun 4 years to help thousands of passengers forgot to change the coin, recently, in a variety of tricks of the warm-hearted public emerge in an endless stream, long bus, and post a series of comics on the bus, to remind the public to take anti cheat. September 13th, in an interview, Zheng Jingjun admitted that he had a wish: to do more than the public service, so that the love pass down, drive more people to help people in need, so that love is full of the city. 13, the reporter saw 906 bus general Zheng Jingjun in the Zhengzhou bus company, just out of the bus back he was cleaning the car and health. The car window, covered with brightly coloured cartoon cartoon fangpian. "Now the fraud is getting worse, I will browse the website, Download Cartoons, let the passengers when the car, when not to bow to the family, can ride and learn some anti fraud knowledge." Zheng Jingjun said, in addition, two years ago, his niece came to Zhengzhou to go to school when he was cheated two times, which made him have the idea of anti fraud scam affixed. Perennial work in a small car, Zheng Jingjun a lot of value-added services are launched around the passenger. He is 37 years old this year, since 2012, the day before going to work for a stack of one dollar bills, have not prepared well. The passengers on the bus, he took the coin, more than 4 years, to help thousands of passengers coin, hence the name "the brother he". "I run this line is long, passing through the station, there will be a lot like their parents to visit the city passengers on the road, they may not know the bus ticket, not deliberately prepared to change, I prepared some change on their own, to help them from home to aunt uncle, aunt uncle." Zheng Jingjun said: "come out from the station by bus is the first thing they encounter into Zhengzhou, so they won’t feel scared, let them feel that Zhengzhou is a warm, loving city." October 2015, the weather is getting cold in Zhengzhou, Zheng Jingjun bought a cushion on his own to the bus seat. In addition, he was still inside the bus placed a box filled with love, perennial carsickness, available, Kyushin Pills maps, sewing kit, blood pressure meter, to prepare for possible period of want or need the passengers. It is understood that Zheng Jingjun joined the party in the army, since then had the consciousness of serving the people, after the army worked as a volunteer, in addition to the work in the service of passengers, work still do something such as public welfare, condolences left-behind children and to primary school to send books etc.. Zheng Jingjun said: "as a volunteer, feel to do charity, let oneself can help some people in need of help, let them feel the warmth of our city, let the love to continue to pass along, lead more people to help some people in need, let love fill the whole city." (end)相关的主题文章:

Do you teach the old Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste – the best to eat and drink in Beijing Sohu mentalist

The people of Beijing to teach you to do the old Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste – the best to eat and drink while the greater Beijing Sohu often Tucao weather and traffic, but whether it is in play, work or life, cooks or bored to here. Huang Xiaochu is very responsible to say that you are really love. There are many people who love Beijing, there are many reasons for the love of it, wonderful answer Huang Xiaochu also heard many, for example: "I just love every time I take the Metro Line 2, listen to the name of a station, what" Qianmen "ah, ah, there is a" Xuanwumen "to catch the foot through the ancient and modern" and some people love it from Beijing delicacy, take mutton slices cooked in hot pot, you can rinse, rinse, summer winter wish every day up. Compared with Cantonese dishes exquisite, Beijing cuisine in addition to taste, but with a huangchenggener under Juqi. Recently Huang Xiaochu was asked, Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste the most authentic in where? Today Huang Xiaochu was invited to Beijing to play the master to eat, rivers and lakes called Huo Hodgson Quanlai solution ". But he said bluntly, the old Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste best to eat in Beijing people’s house. Want to eat this taste? Today, I will teach you! – – – Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste materials — Section XinLiMei soy sauce pork cucumber leek celery cabbage bean sprouts green onion ginger steps — will be soy sauce into the bowl, with water discharge opening. Cucumber, XinLiMei, shred cabbage, celery, garlic, Mince Pork Chop chop. Wok cool oil, saute ginger slice, cut into the diced pork stir fry, add chopped green onion stir, then add ginger pick. To be fried diced pork oil, pour soy sauce boil until the pot boiled meat completely can out of the pot in a bowl. 4 Chinese cabbage, celery, bean sprouts, boiling water boiled. Noodles cooked bowl. Finally put the disk, all the dishes yards in the bowl, then spoon the sauce poured in the above, you can gobble down ~ – – – small kitchen living room your lakes Title Hodgson is how to get its name? In Beijing, there is a "Ye culture". Are those forthright, play, and widely respected people, such a person will be called "ye". I was called "Hodgson", because I do after the feast gathering, make a lot of friends, and slowly the "Hodgson" name is called open to have a thorough research on Chinese delicacy, but do not want to be known as "gourmet, but said he is a play, why to eat."? My mind is a gourmet not things. I think there should be a gourmet heritage, ancestors of generations in the banquet, in addition to inheritance even beyond money, leisure, a popular, easy, so it can be called a gourmet. For me, today’s society is not everyone can become a casually. Although I have a lot of work on the food, but compared with the true heritage is far worse. At the beginning, I was holding the mentality of the food, because very interested, but so far has not reached a high in my heart.相关的主题文章:

The car lock can prevent the bicycle from being stolen Broken pattern Tucson (video)

The car lock can prevent the bicycle from being stolen Broken pattern Tucson Tencent digital news (Michael) now has been widely used in automotive keyless entry system that many friends are not unfamiliar, in a certain range, as long as the owner approached, the vehicle will automatically unlock the convenience, let you go. The car lock can prevent the bicycle from being stolen Recently broken pattern Tucson Indiegogo raised platform launched a I LOCK IT smart bike lock, so even if you can only afford a bicycle can also experience a keyless entry pleasure. I LOCK IT can be installed in the most bicycle rear fork, after the opening of a low-power Bluetooth and mobile phone users attempting to connect, when it detects that the owner is near will automatically unlock, but beyond a certain range will be locked in time, so don’t worry about the car forgot to lock. But what if you forget to bring your cell phone? Never mind, it provides two schemes of I LOCK IT for you, in addition to hanging on a key chain dedicated button keys, I LOCK IT also supports touch password similar to Morse code, crack difficulty is very high, but because of the built-in sensor, I LOCK IT detected abnormal vibration will emit high volume up to 110 DB alarm and notify the user to push anti stealing. It is worth mentioning that, if you need to leave the car a long time, I LOCK IT provides a special insert chain, so you can put the car and the rails are fixed together, compared with the O type single lock safer. In addition, the I LOCK IT supporting the client, the user can automatically unlock the various parameters set up, but also supports the sharing of permissions for friends to open, so that they will be able to borrow your car a lot. Currently, I LOCK IT has raised more than $200 thousand, a single car lock price of $99 (about 660 yuan) and is expected to be shipped from January next year. But I have to pour cold water first, this small car lock to prevent the theft of vehicles? Oh, Kangshang went directly to the gold cup, who untied the broken lock ah, you say is not it? Source: Indiegogo recommendation: focus on digital Tencent (ID:qqdigi), WeChat official, take you to play through all kinds of cool new products, cutting-edge information, hand evaluation, video machines, engage in fun to play live, there are a variety of novelty method. IPhone 7 value is not worth buying? How to use a cell phone to shoot VR? Drones can cut fingers? Why do cats have to be poor? The answers are all here.相关的主题文章:

Mobile phone real name system operators should also assume responsibility – People’s communic reshacker

Mobile phone real name system   operators should bear the liability, communication channel, original title: mobile phone real name system operators shall also be liable for   before the association from the capital of the Internet news comment Specialized Committee was informed that the Beijing Unicom has about 800 thousand users, Beijing mobile also has about 1000000 users are not real name registration. On October 15th, during the notice period of time did not go through the procedure of registration of users, telecommunications companies will suspend communications services in accordance with the law. The real name system for mobile phone business, said at least ten years, but often failed, reason lies in the various opposition. One of the more representative of the opposition is that the mobile phone real name system of citizens’ freedom of communication. But I think the phone is not real name real name, and freedom of communication is not related. Real name, as long as the content is legitimate, the same no one interfere with you say a happy. Freedom and responsibility are closely linked together, the mobile phone real name system is conducive to urge people to enjoy the freedom of communication at the same time, better take responsibility for their own. I am in favor of the mobile phone real name system, it is mainly because of the serious consequences of the serious situation of telecommunications fraud rampant today and the mobile phone real name system no doubt can be a means to curb telecommunications fraud. Although we can not say that mobile phone users must can eliminate these criminal activities, but always give a premeditated and implementation of telecommunications fraud problems, increase the cost and difficulty of the crime, the public security organs will investigate and combat the convenience. In addition to being able to deal with telecommunications fraud, mobile phone real name system for some other criminal activities to curb and combat, but also can play a role. The relevant government departments for the purpose of the mobile phone real name system may have a variety of ideas, but standing in the position of ordinary people, the main purpose is to contain and combat telecommunications fraud based criminal activities. That being the case, it should do a good job, to combat the crime to maximize the function. But on the current policy, this work also need to seize several key points. First, the mobile phone real name system should be in accordance with the unified action. For example, if only the implementation of the mobile phone real name system in Beijing, other regions have not been fully implemented, then the phone real name system to combat and curb the effect of crime is not obvious. Beijing’s mobile phone real name, those who intend to commit crimes can be purchased from other places of non real name mobile phone cards to commit crimes, the significance of the implementation of the mobile phone real name system in Beijing has been watered down. Therefore, the implementation of the mobile phone real name system, it should be a unified national deployment, unified operation of telecom operators, the unified implementation of a unified national mobile phone real name system. In this way, the mobile phone real name to curb and combat the crime will be fully functioning. In addition, there is no clear responsibility for Telecom operators. Through the implementation of the real name system, operators have almost mastered the personal information of all mobile phone users. The source of the current telecommunications fraud is the disclosure of personal information. Operators can ensure the safety of these personal information? What if personal information is leaked from the operator? I think this has to set a rule to clear the responsibility of the operator. If the user’s personal information from the operator相关的主题文章:

Wuhan laid-off workers taoguang regiment created the Navy submarine – Sohu Military Channel

Wuhan laid-off workers taoguang regiment created the Navy submarine – Sohu Military Channel text with map: wireless remote control submarine Zhang 51 manufacturing. Text with map: Zhang 51 and his radio controlled submarine. A few years ago, the submarine Wuhan laid-off workers Zhang Wuyi, recently launched a new product – an unmanned submarine. Because of the security risks and procedures are not complete, Zhang 51 has temporarily abandoned before the manned submarine research, began the development of remote control submarine. Now make the first ship and has carried out a test under water, after improvement, in the next month he will again conduct underwater trials. Today, Zhang has joined the Wuhan passenger space, although he is not a lot of creative understanding. The invention itself requires a certain amount of enthusiasm, a certain hobby. We now advocate hit off, is a crackpot invention." Zhang five, said, in fact, I and the ordinary passengers, no different." Programming to use translation software English materials last year, five in the three months to do a wireless remote control submarine, and in December of that year in Wuhan lake water trials made ink. The trial lasted more than a month, during which time debugging, one of the longest underwater sail for several hours. Today, the submarine is placed in a new rental Studio 51, the core of the submarine navigation equipment was removed for further improvement. This is the first wireless remote control. Zhang said five, the production of the most difficult place in the submarine navigation control technology. Not too much can refer to the case of wireless remote control submarine, all have their own program to write, "Zhang Wu said," the basis of my own relatively poor, plus all the basic data are English version, so difficult." Zhang five said, at that time in order to sort out these foreign language information, every night to get to 35 in the morning. Only the high school culture of Zhang Wuyi in order to be able to read the foreign language information, "download the translation software, the information used to translate the software, and then a little bit to check." Translation of the information, the preparation of procedures, these are the work he has been used for many years, has been a very old laptop. In 2012, Zhang Wuyi spent about 3000000 produced three manned submarine, one of these is sold to a famous scenic spot in Xuzhou. But because the "submarine no quality safety certification, pass the maritime department approval procedures, customer concerns, I also feel alarmed," Zhang 51 made manned submarine "to build a ship, a ship". Zhang may give up the development of manned submarines, began to develop wireless remote control submarine. Hard course from laid-off workers to 8 years in the ordinary people, the submarine is one of the world’s highest scientific and technological content of military equipment, which contains the most advanced science and technology. But Zhang Wuyi believes that after understanding the principles, he can rely on existing equipment and technology to create submarines. Zhang Wuyi, who was a worker in a textile machinery factory in Hubei, Wuhan, was born in 2008 after he was laid off.相关的主题文章: